Kenwood KCA-RC35MR Wired Marine Remote Control

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Convenient control

Stay in control of your Kenwood marine receiver even if it’s mounted below decks. The KCA-RC35MR wired remote gives you access to major functions of your Kenwood marine receiver — features like power on and off, volume, source, and track up/down. This wired remote eliminates any need to be in the receiver’s line of sight, and its operation isn’t affected by bright sunlight.

Note: You’ll need to hardwire this remote for power, ground, and illumination. If you’re looking for a remote that plugs right into the radio, check out the Kenwood KCA-RC55MR.

Product highlights:

  • controls select Kenwood marine receivers
  • mounting hardware included
  • diameter: 2.6″
  • cutout diameter: 0.7″
  • mounting height; 0.65″
  • warranty: 1 year