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Please complete the following information.? We will send you an return code after recieving it.? Returns will not be processed without one.

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    SSR Distributors assumes no liability regarding the improper installation, improper product selection or misapplication of its products (collectively, the ?Product? or ?Products?). It is the installer?s responsibility to check for proper installation, and, if in doubt, contact SSR or the manufacturer directly.

    Except as otherwise provided below, SSR Distributors offers a limited warranty for each of the Products against defects in manufacture and/or materials. The warranty period (the ?Warranty Period?) is as follows: (i) all new Products have a one (1) year warranty from the original invoice date and the warranty shall apply only to the parts purchased. If during the Warranty Period any of our Products fail to function as designed and not as a result of outside damage, improper installation or misapplication, SSR Distributors will repair or replace the component, at its option.


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